You can try Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics without going to the shop! Dream shopping experience with smartphone

I know that you can try out that clothing virtually without trying on shops, department store's cosmetics department, etc., or you can make a breakthrough future shopping experience that beauty staff can try cosmetics without being touched up Is it? There are times when you want to buy cosmetics on the net at home and sometimes there are no shops nearby. The service which cancels such a dilemma started service at Yves Saint Laurent official online boutique.

Virtual touchup that can be carried on mobile

Virtual touchup that you can try on the color you care about on your mobile screen with your face. Popular 5 products such as "Rouge Volumepte Shine", "Voluptu Water Color Balm" and "Tatworth Couture" can try this function.

* It corresponds to both browsers of PC and smartphone. There are some non-compatible models.

You can shoot yourself on the spot if you find a color you care about, even using the saved photos OK!
You can check the actual painted condition using that photo! It is crowded unexpectedly when you store it, and communication with a clerk sometimes gets tired!

With this virtual touch-up you can slowly find the color that suits you on the screen!

Of course, even for gifts for friends ♡ Lips are perfect items for gifts between girls, but it is quite a story that is hard to choose color

But if you use virtual touchup you can send lip color perfect for your friends.

Let's rediscover the new self by trying various colors without being disturbed by anyone at home at all without worrying ♡

Text: #RayKubota