"Goodbye mascara" Mascara from KATE is different from ever! What?

Did you try Kate 's "Lash Former" who gave the world a surprising commercial called "Sayonara, Mascara" in August 2018? I will explore the secret of popular popularity since it was released in August!

Makeup eyelashes to the next era

Let 's graduate makeup of the current mascara prime!
Launched in August 2018 from KATE, "Lash Former" was born with a new idea that not only the long volume but also curling is applied to the eyelash.

"Curve memory prescription" born as a result of long development

KATE discovered that eyelashes are growing downwards for about 3 people in about 4 Japanese people over many years of development.

When the eyelashes are facing downward, light is not captured in the eyes, and when the eyelashes are facing upward, light is easily taken in the eyes, so it is important to know that the eyelashes are facing upward !

The past mascara had fixed the curve from the outside of the eyelashes, but "Lash FORMER" is a prescription that fixes the curve from the inside and the outside of the eyelashes and adds "habit", and each time you use it It penetrates and the curve continues.

Furthermore, outer fixing is realized by blending wax which is lighter than water. Penetrating curved fixer ingredients adopted this time is the industry's first attempt to incorporate into mascara!

Item Details ■ Kate Lush Fomer (Long) / (Volume) Each one color bleeding hot water OFF Film type long / volume ■ Kate Lush Former WP (Long) / (Volume) 1 color each sweat, water, Proof type Long / volume · penetration type Curve Fixer Ingredients Ingredients (malic acid, Na naphthalenesulfonate) · Eyelash repair ingredient formulation (olive oil) There are many people who are concerned since the release in August 2018 What? "Goodbye, mascara" is "I am attracted to a catchy title, but what kind of thing will it be" While thinking, please try to purchase those who can not get out of hand! It is a different type of mascara than ever ♡ Photo: PRTIMES statement: #RayKubota