I want a sense of transparency. What is common to pretty baby eyes?

It is surprisingly difficult for natural makeups because the condition of addition and subtraction becomes considerably important ,,,. So I will introduce a secret that will make you a face even though it is natural ♡

Eyeshadows are monochromatic

Eye shadow is enough for one color! Recommended is brown or orange shadow! Even if you do not paint eye shadow dare to make it make it cute!

■ ADDICTION The Eye Shadow Mariage

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The coloring is good so it's a point to put on for your fingers! Just because the eyes are sparkling when turning downwards Kyun ♡

■ THREE's whisper gross for eye

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Choice brown or orange! THREE 's eye shadow can produce a fresh moist eyes ♡
Glossy skin glossy eye! With this, the transparency is increased at once!

Just using a casual lame impression and glossy eyeshadow You can make beautiful eyes with nature though naturally!

Casually with brown eye line

The point is to draw a line only to the outer corner of the eyes to make the eyes bigger! It is attentive here to draw a line throughout, just to get a little length just "the corner of the eye"!

■ Love · Liner Liquid

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When it is black, it becomes a strong impression so please choose the color of the blanc and put it in your eyes at sweetness ♡
Love Liner's Liquid has a slightly different color from Brown and Dark Brown and Baby Brown so try using different moods ♪

There is also color development, gray brown and burgundy brown, so if you get tired of a little usual makeup you may be cute if you draw a line as a point to the corner of the eyes

Eyelash emphasis on length

■ Clinique / Rush Power Mascara Long Wearing Formula

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Focus on length over volume! ! Longer eyelashes separated beautifully than bushy lashes, even when seen from the side even when looking downwards are attractive ♡

Even if you tighten your eyes with black mascara ◎ If you want a more comfortable feeling, even if you choose brown mascara it is cute!

Learn about leaping eyes with color control

The balance of "1: 2: 1" which is the golden ratio of the eyes is important, so pay attention to the size of the color control!

The edge design is also very important ☆ Recommended type of gradation design that does not make the outline obvious!

■ Alcodel Dairy Basic Brown

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A super natural color like a transparent feeling is added plus the eyes become big as it is! The first one should be easy to challenge!

■ Artical ocher

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Recommended for those who want to become a pigmented face! Because it is a bright yellow brown, it makes your eyes fluffy – a gentle impression ♡

Get a sense of transparency Mote on your face

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If it is a natural eye makeup, the atmosphere of the face will be changed depending on lip! Coral pink at noon plenty of transparency ♡ Even if you try trying to make it an adult eye with a red lip at night! !
Let's enjoy everyday make-up with a little ingenuity ♪

Photo: Instagram
Text: YumiToibara