"Flowfish" too popular The cosmes that everyone bought

Flowfish is said to be too popular among girls. Everything comfortable and packages are all that grabs the hearts of girls! ! I tried put together the cosmes that have been attracting attention so that the missing items will be continued ♪ ♪

Magical lip treatment that became a topic in SNS

Lip treatments became a big epidemic with 300 beautiful skin bacteria!
Ideal lip temperature is 38 °, a lip treatment that fulfills a perceived sense of blood that matches one person.

Longitudinal wrinkles of the lips disappear, and it can become a plump and bright lips LIP 38 ° must buy it!

"Melt well from the moment you paint a reasonable sensation of bloodiness!" My child around me is also buying Ripi many times ♡

Mote liner where beautiful lines can be drawn as desired

Outstanding ease of writing as much as you can recommend various beauty-based youtube bars! !

There are plenty of color variations and a beautiful line will come true with one shot at will! ☆
In my opinion Brown recommending a big eyes is not too strong even if you draw a line ♡ Recommended

Beginners should also have a beautiful line as desired! It is also nice to fill the gap between eyelashes and eyelashes as there are bristles in brushes as well as lines!

Speaking of synonymous flowfish, Mote mascara

Mote mascara, which is also one of the most popular items of flowfish, is a preeminent voluminous feeling with human filling! !

It is nice that you can turn it off with hot water even though it is waterproof ♡
Because there are plenty of mascara type types, one person who fulfills beauty eyelashes want to become one is a masculine mascara!

Magical The eye cream which can take swelling favorite model as well

I paint the highest grade eye cream that will relieve from the stress of my eyes When I get up and sleep, my compassion is perfect! What?

It is an extremely versatile cream that can be used as eye rhinestone, mouth, eyelashes essence!

It seems to be worth trying serious eye cream from flowfish once!

Area fandy which will realize the three-dimensional feeling of the face with one

Excellent point foundation that will hide parts and bears that you care about your nose from beneath your eyes! !

It's easy to use because liquid bride and brush are gathered together!
Because it contains beauty serum, it gives elasticity to the eyes and makes it easy to make a sharp face ♡ Fan deep fits models are worrisome!

THE eyelash essence liquid of new sensation painted on eyelids and eyelashes

Because it contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients, it can also be used as eye cream and eyebrow care Essential lashes!

Because it only paints to the fingers after the skin care Zubora girls should be able to continue! !

If you keep on everyday it will be elastic and elastic! Further elegant beauty elongating beautifully is not wrong puppy to buy Ripi! ! !

Let's get the face that can be beautiful with flowfish

You can enjoy makeup while caring for flowfish items!
Design, ease of use and ingredients are top class! Even though it's easy to get it, it's nice because it's high-quality! !

Since the flowfish brand will be over in 2018, please go to the shop front before trying it and try it!

Photo: Flowfish / official brand site
Text: YumiToibara