I will teach you all the advantages and disadvantages of Matsueku ♡ ~ What I thought about actually doing a pineapple ~

"How beautiful upward eyelashes of that child, how do you make it?" All the girls adore the long-eyed eyes of eyelashes! Makeup of eyelash has various methods such as Burer, Mascara, Eyelash Perm (Matsupa), Eyelash Extension (Matsueku). Among them, this time, I will obediently write the place (merit) and the place I felt it was not good (disadvantage) about "Matsuek" I actually wore. ♡

In the first place, is Matsuek?

With Matsuek is to "attach artificial eyelashes with glue to your eyelashes that are actually growing." Because it is not directly attached to the skin, it is important that self eyelash is healthy in the first place when doing pineappe.

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Here is good for Matsueku! (merit)

■ Design can be chosen

Because matsuku can choose all of the length, thickness, color, curl, number of extensions, etc. according to the eyelash that you want to be, you can become your own eyelashes ♡

■ You can save the trouble of mascara

Do not you think that it is very troublesome to make a buzzer or mascara in a busy time in the morning? I think that it is a great advantage of Matsu that it is not possible to completely eliminate the trouble.

■ Eyes look big

It goes without saying that this is true, as the curl that can not be reproduced by the buzzer etc. is kept, it is certain that the eyes look big. It is nice to see it beautiful even when seen from the side ❤ ︎

■ Surprisingly natural

At the beginning, I was worried about "Will it be a keeper?", But it was good that I got familiar with surprisingly when I tried it on. (There are individual differences and it also depends on the order.)

A disadvantage of Matsuek (disadvantage)

■ Anyway care

Be careful not to strain the eyelashes when you sleep and when you make a makeup or do not rub it, there are many things you have to be careful in order to make beautiful pineappa longer lasting. It may be a little troublesome while you are not used to it.

■ The trouble of going to a salon

This is unavoidable, but you have to go to the salon when turning on or off. Especially, when time has passed since turning on, it is difficult to go to the salon even though the eclip has been removed but it will be awkward because the appearance will become dirty …

■ Eyelashes are damaged

Matsu 's eyelash will lose its own eyelashes at the expense of Matsu, and the eyelashes growing next will become thinner and weaker. It is matzoeku which tends to become unable to be separated once attached, but it may be important to restrain your own lashes moderately.

After all, do you want pineapple? do not do?

I think that this will eventually "fit me or not". Personality also seems to be related. Although I felt that the merits and disadvantages were about the same, I kept Matsueek, but there were friends who stopped immediately.

If there is a person who is wondering whether to do the first Matsuek now, it might be a good idea to try it once.
In that case, however, let's go to a safe salon who has properly received approval from the public health center ♡

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