Beauty wise men are sure to have! What? What is the power of Rasha slip?

I always use beauty magazines! What? Do you know Rasha slips? I came to see it often a few years ago. Introduction of Rasha Slips' ability to buy only at the clinic!

80% ability to volume up

Up to 80% volumes will be up only by painting … · ♡
Three-dimensional thickness comes out quickly and plump! Small wrinkles will not be visible in 1 minute after painting and fine wrinkles will not be noticeable dramatically!
The point is to paint plenty on your lips! Do not be stingy!

The moisturizing effect lasts 24 hours, and the lips start to plump in 1 minute after painting. Perfect for moisturizing before going to bed!

Color has also become a color lineup of 15 colors, red type, pink type, brown type, and coral type. There is also clear, so if you care about compatibility with your lip, Clear is recommended!

Rasha slips publishing media

Of course there are many publishing media that the ownership rate of beauty masters is also high. It seems that the degree of recommendation is still quite high, as it is chosen as the best cosmetics in famous magazines such as GISELe, aesthetic, MAQUA, sister ageha, or a lighter recommended lip.

One of the features of Rasha Slips is that it can only be purchased at the clinic. One reason why it is sold only at the clinic is that it contains ingredients for medical use.

I noticed that there was a point that the ingredients of medical ingredients are still compatible with other department store cosmetics etc, is not it?

As it is still only this lip, the price is a bit higher …. But I think that it will bring about an effect commensurate with it.

In the clinic dealing with Rasha slips, there are places where you can try it so let's try once to match your lips!

Photo: Luscious Lips Official HP
Text: #RayKubota