There is no mistake to have one! 2018 Autumn and winter with a red tea lip in a burst of face ♡

Lip makeup is the key in Fall and Winter 2018. If you have a brown base red color, you can become a seasonal face at a stretch ♡ From matte texture like autumn winter, glossy type of glossy finish is your choice. Let's quickly get a red-brown lip with mysterious power that draws out the attraction of women! !

White knit × red tea lip

A combination of iron plate items in autumn and winter, white knit and red tea lip is preeminent! ! Even with a white knit that is too tenuous too much, if you paint a red tea lip one more, you will be well balanced and get closer to an adult girls atmosphere.

There is no such thing as a red tea lip that is likely to be avoided for men a little if it is combined with a white knit! It is also a recommended combination for dating ♡

Sporty × red tea lip

In sporty Corde, the red tea lip matches anything else. ♡ If you clean up your hair as well, you can refresh the red tea lip, which tends to be heavy.

Even if you are worried that the sports mix will look like a child, anyone will have a sexy impression if it is a red tea lip! Have a fantastic time at all! !

Smokey Eye Make × Red Tea Lip

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For smokey eyes with eye shadow, eye line, mascara unified with brown, let 's make the feeling of cohesiveness further up with red tea lip.

Brown makeup that anyone can see as beautiful is easy and easy to fail, bring it to makeup everyday! I will be able to overcome this only by autumn and winter once master w

Recommended by celvoke

Recommendation is celvoke's 10th brick. With a texture that is comfortable to wear, I will paint one at a time and become a seasonal face. Exquisite nuance color does not accumulate too much without too much brown!

"Dignified Lips" 10: Brick bricks 3,456 yen (tax included)

celvoke's lip is a highly attractive brand that is becoming increasingly popular now that it is chosen as 3rd best cosmetic aesthetics in the first half of 2018. 2 On September 1, 0018, I directly open a directly operated shop to Isetan Shinjuku main building 1F. It is necessary check!

How was it? Lip is not always easy to adventure … In autumn and winter this year, let 's get a fresh face at once with a red tea lip! !

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Sentence: sachi