Halloween in 2018 will stand out in the costumes of 90s artists!

What are you thinking about what Halloween will turn this year? Is not it troublesome to think and becoming boring with the same kind of costumes as everyone every year? Such a person is a must-see! This time we will introduce the celebrities of the season at the Halloween party "90s artists' costume"! Is not Halloween transformed into a monster or a ghost? Some people think that it is. But they also mean something like a monster (in a good way, of course) Halloween in 2018 transforms into cute, sexy, girls-powered artists and will stand out consciously ❤ ️

Spice girls

spice girls was a popular British girls group in the 1990s. The wanna be released in 1996 is a struggle for the world, everyone may have heard it once!

Despite the suspension of activities, the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics has brought the venue with a resurgence of only one night.

Recommended for girls who participate in group costumes! This black leather costume is small devilish and perfect for Halloween!

If you transform yourself into your favorite members and sing their masterpieces "wanna be" with everyone, there is no doubt that it will rise to the highest!

Destinys child

This is also the group where Beyonce who was also active in the 1990s was a group before Beyonce started his solo career! Destinys child recommended for three people group!

If such a cool girls group is at the party, there is no doubt that everyone will get caught! Let's sort out girls power ❤ ️

Christina Aguilera

Next is Christina Aguilera!
This costume is a costume previously introduced by that Kylie Jenner at Halloween!

It is very cute and sexy with narrowbrows and extensions, costumes packed with the trends of the 90's, but if you are interested in exposure it is also recommended here!

This is the costumes that I was wearing on "come on over" PV. It is cute and sexy as ever, but it's easy to reproduce because the exposure level is low!

Britney Spears

Her music video has many unique costumes, so it's perfect for referring to Halloween's costumes!

In the music video of "oops I did it again" I'm playing a cute alien role living on a different planet wearing a brilliant enamel tether. If it is Halloween, it's gorgeous enough!

Become a noisy celebrity 's Bri – chan and take over the leading role at the party ❤ ️

Halloween is still ahead! If you are thinking, time will pass quickly!
Let's transform it into artists of 90s full of girls power and become it girl at Halloween party!

写真: weheartit
文: Lara