It shines on any nail ❤ ︎ In autumn / winter of 2018 it is decided by one color nail!

Nail with lots of sparkling parts, gaudy design with long nails … Nail that you spend a lot of money and time taking care of at the salon with much trouble, soon get bored or inconvenient to live somehow … Do not you feel it? This time we will tell you the wonderfulness of "One Color Nail" that you will not feel anything like that!

Is it boring in one color?

After all the art was there, the tension goes up! The flashy one is cute! I think that it is not a mistake at all.

However, one color nail, which tends to be overlooked missing, is actually very fashionable.
Let's see the charm of such one color one by one.

Goodness of one color nail

■ Hard to get bored

I think that it takes about 3 weeks to 1 month for nails to be done at the salon. However, it is a waste to get tired of the design before you can not do it!
If it is one color, there is goodness that it is hard to get tired of simple parts.

■ Finger looks beautiful

This is actually what I thought after doing one color nail, but fingers look more beautiful than I anticipated. Perhaps it's a long way to show your fingers if nail itself does not claim so much.

Short nails are cute too

I think that there are quite a few people who can not extend their nails long in terms of occupation and life. Even if it is a short nail it fits well.

Perfect for the coming season

I think that it depends on the color, but the coloration of "one pink" as one color is somehow perfect for the coming season. Particularly recommended for Bordeaux, gray and brown series, especially in autumn and winter.

■ You can do it yourself

To be yourself is a wonderful place with one color! People with dexterous hands may be able to clean up art as well, but clumsy people like me can not do so well. If it is one color, paint it on your nails and dry it! It's pretty easy and I'm happy that it will not cost you time or money ◎

People who usually can not do nails can paint themselves on holidays immediately ♡

The possibility of one color nail is infinite

Although it is one color, there are various ways to enjoy.
Not only to make all the fingers the same color, it is also cute to prepare several colors and paint for each finger!
Recently, topcoats etc. which change texture when piled from above are also sold, so the way of enjoying changes by using such things.

Why do not you try this autumn, a simple one-color nail aiming for freshness from your fingertips? ❤ ︎

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