Halloween soon! Halloween makeup is perfect for NYX cosmetics ☆

"NYX Professional Makeup" which opened the first Japanese shop on March 16 this year. On November 8, we will also open in Leukua Osaka store! It is famous for being born in Los Angeles, abundant variety, reasonable price! Have you ever seen it or have seen it before? From such popular NYX, items that are perfect for Halloween makeup will be released!

Midnight · Chaos · Shadow Palette

Eye shadow palette made of various finished colors such as mat, polarized pearl, metallic and so on. If you overlap each, it will be a finished with depth!

You can challenge the divine unicorn look or the dark Mermaid Look depending on the color combination of bold coloring. There is no doubt that it stands out because coloring is good!


Epic · Inkliner 02E

An ink liner that can draw a black eye line with a fine supple brush. From the natural finish to the impact line, because it can be changed depending on how to put power, to your favorite finish! Because it is waterproof, it is perfect for Halloween makeup!

Midnight · chaos · lip gloss

Lip gloss of fantastic color whose shine changes with angle. Of course coloring and discoloration, there is no problem ♡

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. If you paint a bold color such as soft deep blue wrapped in pearls and lilac color on your lips, it will be a breathtaking finish with a beautiful sparkle!

Midnight · chaos · dual ended · eyeliner

A dual end eyeliner consisting of a matte liquid eyeliner and a top coat that shines with polarized pearls.

If you want to stand out, enclose the eyelids with a deep matte color, and it is recommended to fill it up to make a gradation with the top coat. Even if each one is used alone according to the situation, it is beautiful with a shine brightness.

All of this cosmetics are scheduled to be released on Thursday, 4th (Thursday), but it is on sale on September 20th at how much @ cosme shopping!

By all means, let's enjoy Halloween with "NYX Professional Makeup" cosmetics ♡

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